Advanced Industrial Design Engineering

RMIT School of Architecture & Design : GRAP2575


Tutor: Rick Butcher

Guest Tutor: Nick Johns

Course Outline

Advanced Industrial Design Engineering

How industrial designers work within the technical parameters of engineering a product for manufacture, use and disposal.


Introduction and exploration of the possibilities of common and less commonly selected materials.


Introduction and exploration of the possibilities of manufacturing processes.

Society, Culture and Environment

The social, cultural and environmental dimensions of product manufacturing, use and disposal.

Three assignments over the course with equal weighting of 30% each and 10% participation during tutorials.

Identify and solve complex design problems

in relation to how products are produced, how they work, how they are used and how they are disposed of.

Students will also analyse materials and processes for their efficacy within their particular contexts of application and generate innovative solutions to complex problems and identify potential alternatives.

Design for manufacture

Lean manufacturing

Design for disassembly and re-manufacture

Scalable, distributed and open-source modes of advanced and additive manufacturing



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