Group Product Autopsy

Comparison in the spirit of 'Granny Smith' v's 'Pink Lady' apples

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Assignment 1: Product Engineering Autopsy

Document the teardown of a simple mechanical/electonic product or a product with mechanical loadbearing parts analysing how it works.

Present the components in a clear format, including:

  1. Materials and finishes

    Compare the group versions of the product components.

  2. Manufacturing processes

    Compare the group versions of the manufacturing processes.

  3. Describe assembly

    Include discussion about re-assembly and re-use.

  4. Document dimensions

  5. Document weight

  6. Discuss fasteners, maintenance and general observations

    Think about where the product was manufactured, the culture and environment the product was designed for and the implied product life cycle.

In class activity

  • In groups of 2 (pairs) carefully disassemble your product.

  • Document the disassembly of the product (photos) as you will probably need to re-assemble the product repeatedly during the assignment.

  • Count the number of components and list the materials and manufacturing process used to make them.

  • Was the product easy to disassemble. What improvements could be made? Write down any observations.

  • Assemble the product again. Was the product easy to assemble? What improvements could be made? Write down any observations.

  • In your groups generate at least two concepts (sketches) utilising different materials than the predominant material used in product.

  • Same function but does the use of different materials change the way the product looks, size, weight and how it is produced?

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Animation: Tell the story of your product

Each student will submit an animated story depicting their autopsy product, backed by a team member product comparison. This will provide insights into why your product group is designed and manufactured. Deliverables include:

Either an HTML document or A4 landscape pdf containing;

  1. Stop motion video

    Points to keep in mind:

    • Minimum of 60 seconds, and maximum of 90 seconds long.
    • Use a tripod to avoid a jumpy video.
    • Use good lighting for an even background and soft shadows. This may necessitate two or more light sources.
    • Develop an engaging story - storyboard your idea first.
    • Be careful to select a backing track which is appropriate, and includes attributions to the author.

  2. High quality high resolution image of disassembled product

  3. Product/Component specifications – material type, manufacturing process, surface treatment, weight and dimensions

  4. Critical review of the product based on work undertaken thus far and design and technical elements of the product

Due week five

30% of overall semester grade

# Stop Motion Video High Resolution Image Component Specs Critical Review
1 40% 20% 20% 20%

Marks will be deducted for late submissions, at the discretion of the class tutor.