AIDE: Week Four

Jean Prouvé - La Maison Tropicale

Design for manufacture as a rule of thumb.

Jaques Tati - Mon Oncle (Kitchen Scene)

Brilliant commentary on modernism in the home.

Rolling steel

Johnson Brothers Roll Forming

Roll formed metal parts for a diverse range of applications including furniture, partitions, displays, racks & storage, filters, refrigeration and so on.
Custom roll forming can also include:

  • Inline prepunching

  • Post fabricating

  • Prefinished metals

  • Green manufacturing

  • Green energy products

Industrial steel vessel head

One might roll a steel plate for a submersible in this fashion.

18' skiff crashes

A great way to develop durability.

AIDE: Week Four
  1. Finish work on your Product Engineering Autopsy for submission next week (Week 5, Friday 9am).

  2. Submit Assignment One

    1. to myRMIT Blackboard wiki
    2. using naming protocol, eg. 1-Lastname-FirstName_GRAP2575_studentno.pdf
    3. Late submissions will affect grades

  3. Think carefully about your presentation assets, including spelling and grammar.

  4. Bring in an interesting product story next week.