AIDE: Week Two

Hyperbody Muscle Tower II

MIT: Uploaded on Jul 8, 2009 The interactive & kinetic MUSCLE Tower II reacts to its environment, and pro-actively determines the space around itself.

Extraordinary Robots That Mimic Biology II:

Festo: Bionic Learning Network

Molecular Visualizations of DNA

WEHI: Animated by Drew Berry


& professional collaborations are the most useful means of exploring & choosing material attributes.

Society and culture

are the primary drivers of needs and wants.

Brand & identity

are leading attributes of material selection for many businesses.


is a really useful means of visualisation.


exists as a natural design tool - among others!

AIDE: Week Two
  1. Read chapters 4 - 6 of the 'Materials & Design' textbook.

  2. Begin work on your Product Engineering Autopsy .

  3. Carefully disassemble your product

  4. Document the process using photographs as you will need to assemble the product again.

  5. Record relevant observations, such as ease of dis-assembly, packaging, material transitions, etc

  6. Look at the various components

    • How are they made?

    • Do they have surface coatings?

    • Are there features of components that are particular interest?

    • Is the product manufactured to a high, medium or low standard?

  7. Table your results.

  8. Think about your presentation assets.

  9. Bring in an interesting material or manufacturing video next week.