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Communicating ideas

Students of design should remember the importance of good spelling and grammar, as those key writing skills will impact upon the successful communication of ideas.

Smarthinking: The Smarthinking Writing Centre provides students with comprehensive feedback on their writing by e-tutors within a 24-hour turnaround.

Students receive a detailed, personalized critique of any written assignment, such as an essay, paragraph, report, reflective journal, cover letter, resume. Students can submit writing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each writing review includes the writing tutor’s comments inserted within the student assignment and a Response Form detailing additional feedback. Please note: tutors do not edit student work.

How it works

Step 1: Access the Smarthinking link on myRMIT. You will be directed to the Smarthinking web service. The service is external to the RMIT web site.

Step 2: Click on Writing Centre button and then the Essay Centre button.

Step 3: Fill out the form and upload your work for review.

Step 4: Smarthinking tutors read the piece of writing. Within 24 hours, they return it with feedback focusing on a number areas of idenified need.

Step 5: Students login to Smarthinking again to access and download their piece of writing with Smarthinking’s feedback.

You need to login to access Smarthinking!

Good read

Loved Bill Bryson's "At Home" insights into the ordinary artifacts we use everyday.

Great story

Glengarry Glen Ross Trailer

My favourite movie featuring an allstar cast of actors. This is story telling.
Coffee is for closers!

Amazing radio

Joe Frank

"[Frank] travels in the emotional landscape of Bergman and Fellini; there's a tension and sense of mystery halfway between Kafka and Chandler... and a satiric edge worthy of Firesign Theatre and Woody Allen... No one else in radio is doing what Frank does." - The Washington Post


Why Design?

"Herman Miller trailer encapsulating to some degree the value in story telling."


Pass it forward

Send me your recommended reading list - I'm always on the look-out for texts and thoughts to integrate into projects.