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How do we develop for a future driven by a non-linear dynamical eco-system?

Beautify production rather than 'sustaining' with systems of self replication to manage entropy. Develop opportunity with energy flow design to distribute that energy amongst a greater population.

The principles are true for synthetic life as well as biological life. All matter - both animate and inanimate - can be thought of as decaying energy over a period of time.

If prediction is the holy grail of development, then how does decay fit into that future in a generative way?

The future looks remarkably familiar.

This CSS/JS cube, developed originally by Paul Hayes, explores the future of HTML5 spatial representation.

This modified model is the next iteration in building sturucture upon that fundamental foundation. The 'compass' module shown above is simply additional nth-child divs driven by the same cube engine. The navigation aims to cover off desktop, tablet and mobile compatibility.

CSS transforms and transitions allow product designers to deliver stories in their more familiar world of 3D, but without the encumbrence of 3D readers.

Roy Rice and Richard Egge of document their work in model Stirling Engines and endeavors. See the straight-line generator using an epicyclic gear train.





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